Upham’s Corner Health Center
February 18, 2021
VDC Research
February 18, 2021
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Working with Innovo Benefits has been nothing short of amazing! They have taken the time to educate and assist Rogerson in a manner that is far more personable than I have ever seen. In addition to being available, responsive, and willing to help, Innovo has made a huge difference in our benefits package in the following ways:

  • 2021 benefit costs are lower than 2020 benefit costs despite Rogerson having richer medical plans, a free plan medical plan option for employees, and most employees receiving a reduction in cost per paycheck for medical, a stronger dental plan, and richer life insurance benefits in 2021
  • Brought our medical contribution strategy in line with best practice
  • Provided clear, easy to understand education materials for our staff

The best part of working with Scott and Eric is that they don’t feel like external partners – they are truly apart of the Rogerson team. They are genuine and invested! I am looking forward to our continued partnership and successes.