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In a natural extension of our belief in viewing HR as an ecosystem, Innovo has enlisted the professional services of Aegis Retirement Partners. Aegis is an independent, trusted adviser providing retirement plan design and management services. With more than 17 years of experience, its founders have always worked to "protect and support their clients and their client's employees."

Services provided by Aegis

Aegis' consulting services answer a wide range of needs, from offering ongoing retirement plan consulting solutions for companies that demand flexible ERISA-compliant solutions to serving defined-contribution and defined-benefit plan sponsors of for-profit corporations and partnerships as well as nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations. They also offer consulting services for nonqualified executive benefit plans.

With a unique approach, Aegis' administration model assigns one retirement plan expert to handle all the services that clients need. This ensures efficiency, reliability, and a level of accountability usually missing when working with large TPA or full-service administration firms.

Aegis' focus is to design a customized retirement plan solution that addresses the specific goals and objectives of your company or organization. They offer expertise with all forms of qualified and nonqualified plans and will work with you to deliver a plan that provides the greatest value for your employees.

Aegis is dedicated to ensuring that your qualified retirement plan remains in compliance with current IRS and Department of Labor legislation. They prepare ongoing plan amendments in a timely manner and ensure ongoing administration is accurate and compliant. Throughout, they communicate changes that may impact your plan to ensure that you and your staff are always up to date.

As their client, you will always have a clear understanding of the costs associated with operating your retirement plan. Aegis annually provides their clients with a fee benchmarking report to ensure that plan fees remain reasonable based on the services being received and fully disclosed in compliance with ERISA 408(b)2. They also provide annual investment advisory fee benchmarking reports so their clients know their participants are benefiting from a competitively priced service model.

The very best plan design in the world is useless if your employees don't know how to plan and invest for a comfortable retirement. Aegis makes it their priority to explain the key features of your unique plan and effectively communicate everything employees need to know, from investment and retirement basics to the development of a comprehensive retirement income plan. Their education sessions can be customized to fit group and individual one-on-one settings to best meet each client's needs.

Aegis offers a range of investment advisory services to help you serve as responsible stewards for your employees' retirement savings. They align their services with the goals and objectives of the plan sponsors and plan participants we protect and help you create and maintain a prudent process and monitoring policies throughout.

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Innovo Benefits Group, LLC and Aegis Retirement Partners, LLC are not affiliated. Health care benefits brokerage and consulting services are provided by Innovo, and retirement plan consulting services are provided by Aegis. Innovo is not a party to any agreements between Aegis and Aegis' customers, and Aegis is not a party to any agreements between Innovo and Innovo's customers. While each company endorses the other based on years of professional interaction between the respective principals, neither is responsible for the services performed by the other, and neither company is liable for any claims based on the conduct of the other.