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HR technology has become a powerful tool for small and medium-size businesses to attract, retain, engage, and reward employees. By outsourcing the deployment and management of HR systems along with supportive administration services, HR leaders can realize greater efficiency and reduced costs, and free up their time to focus on strategic goals.

How do we help?

  • We help you identify and evaluate technology and vendor options, matching them to your company's needs.
  • We help you utilize payroll, HR administration, and benefits management systems.
  • We reduce the complexity and ensure data quality, and provide personalized service to ensure seamless technology deployments.
  • We help our clients educate their employees on the new tools and how best to use them.
  • We provide ongoing advisory and HR administrative services to support our clients' systems and handle many administrative tasks.
  • We help reduce costs, often providing technology access with no additional fee.
  • Charis Pratt
    Innovo has made a strong commitment to benefits administration and technology for our company.  They are responsive, have extensive expertise in the field, and display an acute attention for detail. They are leading our organization in rolling out cutting edge benefits technology that includes connections to HRIS, payroll, and our benefits carriers. They’re a great partner for us and are stewards in our efforts to become efficient and as paperless as possible.
    Charis Pratt
    Human Resources Director
    Tepa LLC

Does this sound familiar?

Can HR technology, coupled with outsourced administrative services, help me manage my department's tasks more effectively and efficiently so that I can focus on more strategic initiatives?

Yes. By deploying HR systems to handle your payroll, HR administration, and health benefits processes, you can reduce your department's ongoing administrative tasks and put much of the process in your employees' hands. Plus, by also utilizing Innovo's administration and consulting services, you'll reduce costs, drive efficiency, and focus on strategic business objectives while having more time for face-to-face interaction with your employees.

Are there cost-effective HR technology solutions available for a company of our size?

Yes. Technology's role in HR has evolved significantly, even within the past five years. This $15B market has seen significant investment in smaller startups creating new technology solutions that stretch across the HR spectrum, including recruiting, evaluating and rewarding, payroll, health benefits, ongoing education, and other HR functions.

What does this mean for you? This new market of solution providers includes many offerings specifically targeted to small and medium-size businesses. At a price point and framework geared to smaller businesses, they feature solutions that are well-suited for your business, without bombarding you with the complexity of larger, enterprise-scale solutions.

Plus, when you work with Innovo, many of the ongoing costs for technology solutions are priced within our fees.

How do I find technology solutions that integrate with other systems we have in place?

You may be looking to reap the benefits of emerging HR systems but are concerned about integrating them with your existing systems. Or you may be looking for an all-in-one system. Making significant changes to fit new HR applications is simply not feasible for smaller businesses, plus, the last thing you need is another set of problems to manage that go along with another platform.

As an independent consultant, we respect that each client's needs are different. We work to identify technology solutions that best fit your particular requirements, and help you define a strategy that integrates the common systems, including payroll, HR administration, and benefits management. To ease deployment, we provide a range of personalized services to integrate solutions within your particular environment, ensure employee data flows between the systems, and ease the time and effort required from your department.

How can I educate our employees on these new tools so that they become effective?

You may be hesitant to invest in HR technology systems, fearing that they will be only as effective as how people use them. Rightfully so.

Innovo is unique in its approach to making employee adoption one of the keys to our clients' success. We take it one step further, using personalized on-site approaches to help our clients set up their programs and enroll employees face-to-face. Then we follow up with a range of services to assist with employee education, measure performance directly with end-users, and identify ongoing opportunities for improvement.

With Innovo, you have a team of industry thought leaders who stay at the cutting edge of new software, applications, and all-in-one platforms that are coming online to serve HR and benefits management — as well as the best approaches to implementing them to achieve your business goals.