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Above all else, we see ourselves as educators. It starts with our founder — a postgraduate professor in employee benefits courses — and permeates our entire organization.

Our job is to make sure you and your employees are educated in the world of benefits so you can make the best decisions for your organization, and your employees can do the same for themselves and their families. Our tools include:

  • Shelley Hibdon
    During our open enrollment meeting, Eric Gulko took the time to educate our employees about deductibles vs co-insurance vs co-pays and how those terms related to our new plan. After the meeting several employees commented to me that it was the best open enrollment meeting that we have had. It wasn’t just about the content of the meeting, it was also the manner that everything was presented. Fun, engaging, and relevant. With the ever-changing landscape of benefits and benefit compliance I am 100% confident that we are in the best hands.
    Shelley Hibdon
    Vice President, HR and Staffing

Does this sound familiar?

Are benefit plans just too complicated these days for employees to understand?

To combat cost increases, benefit plans have become more and more complex. Innovo believes in driving education throughout your organization - for HR managers and employees alike. We work with your team — through group meetings, one-on-ones, or web-enabled meetings — to help them understand their benefits, and make informed decisions about plan choices and ongoing options as they use their plan.

Does it work? Yes. More often than not, employees tell us that this was the first time they ever really understood how benefits work!

I wear multiple hats; how can I keep up with all the changes in benefits?

With Innovo, you're not alone on this journey. Whether it be benefits cost control, compliance with the ACA, competing for talent, or running administration smoothly, we provide the knowledge and support so you can achieve your goals.

For HR managers, Innovo combines in-person and technological educational components. To complement that education and insight, we provide access to online benefits and HR solutions that you can search and filter by topics that are important to you. And finally, for critical changes in benefits that occur, we leverage this same platform to provide curated alerts direct to your inbox. Throughout, you’ll stay informed and in front of the changing landscape.