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We provide comprehensive health & welfare benefits plan consulting and brokerage services, including benchmarking, plan design, funding, and request-for-proposal work for plans including:

Other product- and nonproduct-based benefits can include concierge, flextime, telemedicine, alternative medicine, legal plans, travel assistance, and estate planning.

At every level of service, you get the advantage of Innovo's integrated approach to benefits consulting and commitment to giving you the information to make informed decisions in a rapidly changing benefits environment.

  • Joanna Hurier
    We place an emphasis on offering generous benefits to our employees, and Innovo is key to helping us meet that goal. They’re responsive, great listeners, understand our philosophy, and readily exercise their industry prowess to our benefit. They take the time to understand what is important to our organization and our employees and help us find offerings that can be customized to fit our values. They never take a cookie-cutter approach to benefits.
    Joanna Hurier
    Director of Human Resources
    Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate
  • Danny Costa
    With multiple companies and hundreds of employees spread across several states, we need cost-effective plans with national coverage. Innovo strategizes with us and creates national plans tailored specifically to our needs. We leverage their deep expertise in plan design, alternative funding mechanisms, and the ACA to produce great results for our company and its employees.
    Danny Costa
    Managing Partner
    Moe’s Southwest Grill Franchisee / Dunkin’ Donuts Franchisee - MDM Management
  • Michael J. Donovan, CCIFP
    On a daily basis, Innovo helps to create and deliver the best benefit solutions for our employees. Our team has used other benefit providers, but the experience they offer, combined with their commonsense approach, tactful understanding of our business and economic challenges of running a business, has had a significant impact on our success. Having a partner like this helps us focus on our core business strategies.
    Michael J. Donovan, CCIFP
    Executive VP / CFO
    COX Engineering
  • Mark Eaton
    Innovo encourages us to evaluate new ways of looking at our benefit plans. Whether it is designing a new plan option which incorporates new ideas in health insurance, or moving us forward with benefits technology, their team continues to innovate with us. In the meantime, they ensure that we remain compliant and cost effective. They are thinking of today AND tomorrow.
    Mark Eaton
    General Manager
    CHI Engineering Services Inc.

Does this sound familiar?

Let me guess ... We’re raising deductibles again?

You’re faced with another increase in medical costs. Should you increase deductibles again? Change carriers? What about life insurance and disability plans — considerations often overlooked.

We don’t claim to hold the magic bullet. But we do use a comprehensive, holistic view to shape your benefits strategy. It starts with education and benchmarking, followed by an evaluation of carriers, designs, funding options, and contributions options. We combine decades of experience with up-to-date best practices to merge tried-and-true solutions with cutting-edge ideas. From self-funding to tiered network designs to HSA-compatible plans to private-exchange models, we are here to be your guide.

Do my benefits even make sense for our organization?

Do your employees appreciate your benefits? And if you increase copays, what would that do to your competitiveness and employee brand?

A solid first step in analyzing a benefits program is to assess where you are today against certain benchmarks. How do the benefits you offer compare with your competitors’? How do your medical plan deductibles compare? Are other employers looking at certain designs or funding alternatives in different ways?

We draw on national and regional survey data to illustrate the competitive landscape and provide actionable insight. This level of benchmarking provides you with the insight to make key strategic decisions on benefits offerings, designs, funding, and other features like contributions. It’s the difference between intuition and making decisions from an informed perspective!

Did someone say free pizza benefit with a student loan repayment on the side?

To succeed in today’s dynamic labor market, you can’t stand still! Generational considerations are often overlooked, and the traditional benefits package you offered over the years may not be the one to offer all employees going forward. Millennials, Gen Xers, and baby boomers all have different preferences and needs when it comes to benefits. So, we work with our clients to develop solutions that evolve with their employees’ changing needs. Our research-backed insights let you offer relevant options to a multigenerational workforce.


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Does my doctor take that insurance? Is it time to consider another carrier change?

In the context of the evolving Affordable Care Act and other changes in the industry, carriers have been merging, cutting costs, adjusting provider networks, and introducing various new design and program options. It’s our job at Innovo to stay ahead of the changes and help you maneuver in this evolving environment.

In today’s market, an impartial perspective gives you an advantage: We’re an independent firm, work with all the carriers, and have no limitations on whom we can work with on your behalf. We sit on your side of the table — we’ve actually been on that side — and serve as your trusted adviser evaluating carriers’ strengths and weaknesses.