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At Innovo Benefits Group, we think of benefits management as an integrated ecosystem, and we’ve tailored our practice groups to serve our clients’ needs with this holistic approach. We consider how each discipline within our field influences the others and have crafted methodologies that take advantage of the synergies between them.

What impact does this have? By using this broader lens, we help our clients consider the outcome of their decisions across the ecosystem.

Consider the interdependence among these areas. We certainly do!

Benefits Plan Consulting & Marketing

Leverage our knowledge for benefits plan design and execution

Benefits Compliance

Navigate benefits laws with the help of our deep experience and legal background

Employee Benefits Education

Ensure your employees are educated in the world of benefits

Employee Wellness Programs

Implement a sustainable wellness strategy for your small or medium-size business

Retirement Plan Design & Management

Design and manage your retirement plan with our trusted advisers

  • Maggie Corson
    When it comes to employee education and open enrollment support, there is no better partner.
    Maggie Corson
    HR Manager – North America
    Cambridge Education Group