As an independent broker, Innovo does things differently than many others in our industry. We believe in transparency because it keeps our clients informed and helps them make smart, cost-effective decisions.

We work for our clients, not the carriers

  • Carriers know bonuses don’t sway us. But they also know they have a realistic shot at winning business from us with a competitive offer.
  • Our consistently low renewal rates are proof that our process works. Keep reading to see how we average a 2.1% renewal rate.
  • We create better business value by focusing on a Triple Bottom Line accounting practice: social, environmental and financial.

What you don’t know can affect your renewal

Broker bonuses can equal up to 30% of a brokerage’s total revenue. This powerful incentive can steer brokers toward a limited panel of carriers.

Limited panels can cost you money because they reduce a broker’s ability to find the best value, and can even diminish their objectivity. How many carriers does your broker work with? We market our clients’ business widely because we’re not beholden to any particular carriers.

Non-standard commission levels allow brokers to name their commission from a carrier. We think the practice can create a conflict of interest. As such, we only accept a carrier’s standard level of commission.

What else should you know? Find out in our broker bonuses article.

How We Deliver Exceptional Value to Clients

We’re not swayed by bonuses – we give them to charity – and we use a proven renewal process to consistently deliver better rates for our clients. How does your last renewal compare to our average renewal numbers?

Actual Client Results – Example 1

Size160 employees
IndustryFor-profit company
Original Carrier Renewal+2.1%
Our Negotiated Renewal-16%

Actual Client Results – Example 2

Size63 employees
Original Carrier Renewal+9.3%
Our Negotiated Renewal


How do we achieve results like these year after year? Discover our method in this renewal rates article.

Innovo can customize a plan based on your risk tolerance in order to help manage costs.

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