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Nancy Rodick

Manager, Benefits Administration Services

Nancy has more than 15 years of experience in employee benefits. She took on a variety of roles during that time: administrative, analytical, technical, reconciliatory, and compliance filing. She has sat on both sides of the table, both as a client of 10,000-plus-employee organizations and as a consultant working with large and small employers. She has held leadership roles implementing KnowledgeWare tools for a human resource service center, implementing new Human Resource Information System (HRIS) tools, developing benefit-plans communications for employees, and analyzing company needs for benefit improvements and new plan offerings. Although a benefits analyst at heart, Nancy has a keen interest in technical systems and HRIS.

At Innovo Benefits Group, Nancy manages COBRA administration for clients, day-to-day client benefits administration, and enrollment systems implementation and testing.

B.S./Business Administration: Nichols College

Pension and Benefits Administration Certification: Bentley University