We started Innovo Benefits to help HR leaders deliver more value to their organizations and better understand our industry. Truth be told, it’s not always clear how brokers get paid, how renewals are calculated or why brokers choose to work with a small group of carriers.

Brokers Bonuses

Did you know that brokers can earn bonuses across virtually all insurance lines? As a plan sponsor, you are indirectly paying those bonuses through your premium.

But you may ask, “what’s the risk?” Since bonuses can equal up to 30% of a brokerage’s total revenue, a broker may be incentivized to steer you toward a carrier who offers him a great bonus, but whose coverage is not the best choice for you. There is the potential for a conflict of interest.

To be fair, we don’t think bonuses are inherently bad, but still donate most of ours to charity just to remove any risk of impropriety.

Non-Standard Commission Levels

If you have a general idea of the industry’s standard commissions, you may not think to ask your broker what’s being paid by the carrier on your policy. However, for groups over 100 employees or even over 50 in some states, the broker actually has a say in the commission levels and can thus request higher than standard commission. We don’t believe in the practice, since it can create another conflict of interest. As such, we only accept a carrier’s standard level of commission.

Limited Panels

Ask your broker what percentage of his revenue comes from his “top” carriers. If his income is concentrated with just a few carriers, you’re not getting the benefit of wide marketing. And maybe you’re paying too much for renewal. We don’t limit our choice of carriers, instead work with a large group to find the best value for clients.

What else should you know? Find out in our broker bonuses article.

How We Deliver Exceptional Value to Clients

We’re not swayed by bonuses – we give most of them to charity – and we use a proven renewal process to consistently deliver better rates for our clients. – and we use a proven renewal process to consistently deliver better rates for our clients. How does your last renewal compare to our average renewal numbers?

Actual Client Results – Example 1

Size160 employees
IndustryFor-profit company
Original Carrier Renewal+2.1%
Our Negotiated Renewal-16%

Actual Client Results – Example 2

Size63 employees
Original Carrier Renewal+9.3%
Our Negotiated Renewal


How do we achieve results like these year after year? Discover our method in this renewal rates article.

Committed to More than Profit

We believe we have a responsibility to our community and planet, so we adhere to an accounting practice known as Triple Bottom Line (TBL). It allows Innovo Benefits to see our performance as more than simply financial profits and losses.

TBL allows us to create better business value by focusing on three bottom lines: social, environmental and financial. As a nimble, independent broker, we actively choose innovative paths that deliver better service and value for our clients, partners, and the world.

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    With multiple companies and hundreds of employees spread across several states, we need cost-effective plans with national coverage. Innovo strategizes with us and creates national plans tailored specifically to our needs. We leverage their deep expertise in plan design, alternative funding mechanisms, and the ACA to produce great results for our company and its employees.
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