RFP Response

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Enrollment and Communication

33. Describe your Enrollment and Communication approach.

Our approach combines dedicated people and leading technology. For complete details, please see questions above and below that address our use of Zoom, Jellyvision, Airbo and other tools.


34. What technology or technologies do you use to communicate with and enroll employees?

See above questions that address our use of Zoom (meetings), Jellyvision (decision support), Airbo (virtual health fair), and other tools. For enrollments, we can leverage Navigator but usually recommend our clients use their payroll systems benefits administration platform to provide maximum efficiency. We support all tools, and you can scale up with us as much as you would like.


35. What enrollment and communication services does your firm handle and what do you outsource to carriers or other vendors?

We have dedicated benefits enrollment people resources in-house, and leverage the systems support of vendors for the software.


36. How do you handle employee meetings?

Echoing our response for your Client Service question, we feel it is our responsibility to thoroughly educate employees during open enrollment and new hire processing, whether needed in person or via Zoom. And knowing that many employees are working remotely today, we offer session recordings that can be shared out or posted to an Intranet. And if needed, we offer monthly new hire and ongoing employee presentations.

We also create professionally designed communications materials for employee meetings, including traditional, customized and client-branded employee benefits brochures. As a client, you would have access to our team of professional writers and graphics designers for any employee communications materials.


37. Do you help employees with one-on-one decision support at time of enrollment?

Yes, it’s something we are especially proud of since we know that these are important decisions for employees, yet making the right choices can sometimes be difficult. In addition to our open enrollment meetings as described above, as well as outsourced benefits administration options, we also recommend the use of cutting edge tech like Jellyvision’s interactive ALEX tool to "do the math" for each employee. It helps them make smarter choices and reduces reliance on your team to walk employees through the process. Watch the ALEX video here.