RFP Response

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Employee Service Model

21. What services do you handle on employees’ behalf vs requiring our company or carriers to handle?

For each client we routinely create employee presentations for both their open enrollment and new hire processing, both in person and via Zoom with concurrent real-time chat box Q&As. We provide clients with session recordings to account for scheduling conflicts. For some larger clients, we offer monthly new hire and ongoing employee presentations.

We also create traditional, customized and client-branded employee benefits brochures that combine essential benefits summary information with modern, professionally created graphic design elements. In fact, for any employee communications materials you would like Innovo to create, you have access to professional writers and graphics designers to help engage employees and ensure impact.

Moreover, through the year, we handle second-tier questions from your employees regarding their insurance. For example, if they call a carrier and do not receive the desired claim response, we are happy to advocate on their behalf.

Finally, some clients hire us to also serve as outsourced benefits administrators, where we handle ALL benefits online tools and administration for each employee. See here for more info.

A valuable digital tool

To raise the effectiveness of employee education, we also offer, at cost, Jellyvision’s revolutionary ALEX tool. This web tool, developed by a gaming company, helps employees by “doing the math for them” across various scenarios as they choose benefits. The tool asks about an individual’s utilization patterns and uses algorithms to recommend the most cost-effective option. ALEX integrates seamlessly with any benefits administration system that you may be using and engages employees to help them make smarter benefits choices.

Continual education

To ensure your employees are as informed as possible, we will provide ongoing education for various efforts, including but not limited to wellness. For example with other clients’ employee engagement programs, we leverage the knowledge of our staff to meet with employees in groups and/or individually to help achieve company-set goals, whether it be online health risk assessments, physician statements or otherwise.

Finally, beyond benefits education and wellness, you may want to train your employees in a range of HR matters. In fact, it’s something we recommend since an educated workforce is an engaged one. To help clients, we have developed a full Learning Management System with a suite of modules that you can roll out to employees as necessary.

22. Do you provide employees with claims assistance at initial claim? At appeal?

Yes, we help employees with claims resolution all the time. While we cannot act as their attorney, we can assist throughout the claims appeals process.


23. Do you offer any 800 phone line or other number for employees to contact you? What types of issues do you assist with?

Throughout the year, we are available during business hours to assist your employees with claims issues, provider access issues, enrollment issues, plan design questions – everything we can do to streamline the process. We try to combine both technology as well as people support for your group. As a brokerage client, your HR team would receive complimentary, unlimited email and hotline support. We also offer, through our Total HR service, access to a dedicated HR professional if this is something that can assist your internal team.


24. What ongoing education and communication for employees do you offer during the course of the year?

See above answers on our extensive communications and trainings available. Moreover, we can provide virtual health fairs at cost through our contract with Airbo and roll out communications campaigns throughout the year.


25. What assistance do you provide in the development of a no-to-low-cost well-being program for our employees?

To minimize cost, we encourage maximizing the use of carrier programs that you already have access to. If you are using Oxford, you likely have access to some of the programs offered by its parent company, United Healthcare. We routinely help clients’ employees access United tools like:

  • Motion (for employees with HSAs)
  • The Peloton app with thousands of free fitness classes
  • Rally that combines personalized recommendations and rewards
  • Real Appeal with online coaching
  • Quit for Life tobacco cessation
  • Virtual healthcare visits
  • Behavioral health virtual care, although there is a cost for this service
  • Sanvello to help employees manage stress, anxiety and depression

Additionally, as an Innovo client, you would have access to cost-effective NFP options that bring together various product and vendor integrations, program ideas and incentive strategies.

26. Does your firm provide any “proprietary” communication offerings, including virtual open enrollment and/or mobile applications?

In addition to our ALEX decision-making tool, Airbo offering and the virtual health fairs, we offer clients a robust suite of employee communication tools. From regular benefits updates to branded presentations, our team and our tools streamline communication development. Further, we can create employee presentations for both in person (pre-COVID) and Zoom open enrollment sessions.