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Employer Service Model

11. Please provide an overview of your service model for customers of our size.

A benefit broker’s commitment to customer service and quality assurance is critically important, and we have detailed our approach and core values below. We also believe that our current clients’ opinions can shed valuable light on our philosophy in action. And client retention is a strong indicator of client trust. In the last 12 months, for example, other than a few clients who were sold to other companies, we maintained a 100% client retention rate. Moreover, the President of Innovo regularly asks our clients directly about value we’re providing and areas to improve.

In addition, we also gather feedback through client satisfaction surveys.


12. Tell us about the team that would serve our company. (Names/titles/tenure in industry/tenure with company/tenure in role)

The two account managers assigned to your group would be Elissa Hille and Scott Croswell, with one backing up the other. They both have been with Innovo since the first 6 months of inception in 2016, and have been in the industry for a combined 40+ years. In addition, Eric Gulko would remain a part of the team, providing strategic and compliance support to you throughout the relationship. Moreover, if you require additional HR or benefits administration services, we have other team members who would be assigned as needed. As a team, we have extensive experience in your particular industry and the nonprofit space overall. Here are the bios of the team you would work with should you choose Innovo:

Elissa D. Hille

Vice President
Employee Benefits Consulting

Elissa has more than 30 years of employee benefits experience and brings a unique perspective from earlier leadership roles on both the client side and the consultant side of the industry.

Prior to joining Innovo Benefits Group, Elissa served as an Assistant Vice President at Aon Hewitt and as Senior Account Manager/Director of Administrative Services for Summit Benefit Solutions. Her expertise includes management of large and self-insured accounts as well as creating systems and processes for employee benefits outsourcing services, including COBRA administration, daily benefits administration, employee communications, health reimbursement accounts, and IRS filings. Earlier in her career, Elissa was a Senior Benefits Analyst at Boston Scientific, where she helped manage the health & welfare benefits program for over 10,000 employees nationwide.

At Innovo, Elissa is responsible for account management services, including financial analysis and pricing, marketing and renewal analysis, vendor negotiations, data analysis, plan design recommendations, implementation, regulatory compliance assistance, and day-to-day client relations.

Scott Croswell

Senior Benefits Consultant

Scott has worked for close to 20 years in the group benefits industry, with a background in underwriting, account management, and business development.

Prior to joining Innovo Benefits Group in May 2017, Scott served as an account manager for seven years on the consulting as well as insurance carrier sides of the business. He is highly regarded for his intimate knowledge of the insurance carriers in the industry and for his high level of client consultation and service. Earlier in his career, Scott was a senior underwriter at Prudential Insurance Company of America, where he collaborated with national benefits brokers on clients with up to 10,000 employees.

At Innovo, Scott is responsible for client consulting, data analysis, vendor negotiations, and business development.

Eric P. Gulko, J.D.

Director of Compliance

Eric brings more than 20 years of experience in the benefits industry and a proven track record partnering with his clients in the design, funding, administration, and compliance of their employer-sponsored benefits programs to help them shape high-performing cultures.

He is a leader in the industry and active participant in the national discussion for healthcare-reform policy and compliance matters. His work has included engaging with the White House, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of Labor, and other federal agencies on behalf of a particular client’s needs. Eric is an educator and writer providing thought leadership and insight to an array of audiences including clients' employees, postgraduates, and his industry peers.

As a business leader, Eric previously served as Vice President at Summit Benefit Solutions, Corporate Benefits Manager at Boston Scientific, and Benefits Analyst at Hewitt Associates. Balancing his client success strategies with his management skills, operations experience, and legal background, Eric’s work has encompassed plan management for tens of thousands of employees, for a wide range of clients including Fortune 500 companies, with demonstrable results and long-term client satisfaction.


13. Please provide a calendar or list of planned service interactions you recommend in the course of a year for a client of our size.

Service and empowerment form the pillars of our mission: to help HR leaders do more. It’s as simple as that. We provide quick responses and additional administrative services when needed, and we educate on compliance and benefits trends throughout the year. Our goal in operating this way is to help HR leaders always focus on the big-picture strategy and move their organization towards its goals.

An example of this is our midyear client strategy meetings. These meetings give you the opportunity to assess current data to make informed decisions, eliminating the pressure to make important choices in the future under the pressure of deadlines. Midyear strategy sessions present opportunities to:

  • Review all current benefits
  • Benchmark all benefits using proprietary NFP data
  • Review overall market trends using data surveys
  • Use the case study review method as necessary

Moreover, throughout the year we proactively provide compliance alerts, webinars, and podcasts to all clients. Our clients with more than 100 employees each have access to a customized claims dashboard for monthly review. These resources continually educate us and our clients, giving us insights to understand claims trends while they are occurring. With higher levels of claims intelligence, we can help you better predict renewals far in advance, and thus think about strategy both for the short term and longer term.

If selected as your broker, we would create a timeline that adheres to your needs and schedules, and also proactively prepares you for the next renewal. Below is a timeline example for a recent new client. Given the specifics of their situation, that timeline is much tighter than what it would be for you. We might add a bit more time if you are interested in leveraging some of our tech like Jellyvision or Airbo.


14. What is your employee benefits client retention rate, measured by percentage of employee benefits clients you lose to competitors each year?

Client retention is a strong indicator of client trust. So we’re proud to say that in the last 12 months, for example, other than a few clients who were sold to other companies, we maintained a 100% client retention rate. Moreover, the President of Innovo regularly asks our clients directly what they think of the service and value we’re providing.

You’ll find that our real difference is our independence – that is what sets us apart from all other brokers and allows us to deliver extreme client value and long-term satisfaction.


15. How do you measure customer satisfaction?

There is no better measure than asking our clients directly and publishing their responses for complete transparency. In addition to the survey results above, you can read many client testimonials here.

Finally, we have just recently begun to encourage clients to rate us on Google. Please feel free to Google “Innovo Benefits Group” and see what they are saying about our service!

It is really important to me that I found a Benefits Broker who was able to find competitive options that were suited to the needs of our health center and our employees.

Nicole Smith, HR Director, Upham’s Corner Health Center