One Year and Still Climbing: Innovo Celebrates First Anniversary

December 1, 2017
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Today is the one-year anniversary of Innovo Benefits Group. I am proud to report that what began as a benefits guy working late into the night with his sleepy golden retriever by his feet has quickly become the fastest-growing benefits firm in the area!

We continue to see our business grow organically as we watch a continued consolidation in the benefits brokerage industry. A combination of market and government influences has caused many in our industry to focus on selling or acquiring, maximizing profit margins, and watching stock prices. We’ve been able to focus instead on providing white-glove service, delivering innovation for our clients, and giving back to the community. Business growth has been a natural byproduct of our efforts. We love it!

Now more than ever, we are emboldened by the belief that inspired the creation of Innovo Benefits Group. No longer will small to midsize companies need to choose between customized, meticulous service and cutting-edge technology! Look for more innovation on this front in the coming months from us. We’ll also be announcing a community project that we are working on to connect homeless youth to services in the Boston area, which we believe will be a model for the country.

Most of all, the whole Innovo team wants to say THANK YOU to our clients who have joined us on this journey. With you, we have accomplished so much and will continue to do so. We value your partnership, and we look forward to earning your business for many years to come.

For all others who read this and share our belief in white-glove service, hard work, commitment to the community, experience, and innovation, please join us as a client, employee, or just a friend of the firm! Reach out anytime!

Have a healthy and happy holiday season,

Eric Gulko
Innovo Benefits Group