Innovo President Weighs in on Boston Globe Article About New Dental Insurance Law

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Innovo Benefits Group President Eric P. Gulko was featured in a recent Boston Globe article when asked to weigh in on a controversial new law that impacts dental insurers and practitioners. 

A ballot question in Massachusetts during the 2022 election asked voters whether to require at least 83 percent of dental insurance premiums to be spent on patient care. Voters overwhelmingly supported this new law — causing at least one insurer to leave the state’s dental insurance marketplace.

Gulko did agree with the voters’ sentiment that the vast majority of premiums paid should go toward care, but he also expressed concern that the threshold could be too high for many insurers— causing more to leave. He added that the new law may also lead to other insurers raising their premiums to increase payments to dentists and clear the new mark.

Read the full Boston Globe article here.