Considering launching an online HR system?

Don’t go it alone!

HR Information Systems and HRIS software represent great opportunities for HR leaders to minimize costs, gain new insight from data for important business decisions, and free up their time to focus on strategic initiatives.

We help small and midsized companies like yours research HRIS software and examine the key considerations that should be addressed in the process.

As an independent administrative services and employee benefits broker, we look through a lens focused on your HR needs, identifying the best solutions that provide the best results for you and your employees. Plus, we often save our clients up to 40% on their HRIS technology costs.

Book a free consultation with Innovo, and you may be eligible to save up to 40% on your HR software costs.

When you work with Innovo, we help you:

Ease complexity, reduce costs, and minimize risk.


We evaluate your company and employee needs, and identify how HR systems and other technologies can help


We ensure your HRIS software can integrate with your other systems, like payroll and benefits management


We help educate your employees on your HR software and other technologies, improving adoption across your organization


We educate you and your employees on an ongoing basis, helping you get the best insight from your technology solutions


We help reduce your software costs, and generate a positive return with complementary services

5 key factors for a successful HRIS system integration

When working with our clients, we help them address important considerations for a successful deployment of HR software, including:


Understanding the fundamentals of an HRIS system, how its tools can help the company, and how it can fit within the broader HR technology ecosystem.

The HR Ecosystem

Developing a deployment plan for integrating HRIS software with other systems like payroll and benefits management.


Developing a sustainable plan to ensure that the data flows from system to system, including confirming that new-hire information rolls into benefits and payroll systems, and relevant information flows to the insurance carriers.

Employee Data Flow
Ongoing Plan Modifications

Providing overall support that ensures integrated systems are updated as changes are made to the individual programs.


Developing an employee support program with accompanying services to help employees at key points in the process, like when they have trouble logging in to a system or have questions during open enrollment.

Ongoing Employee Support

End-to-end Value

At Innovo, we utilize HRIS software to round out our collection of technology and administration service solutions for HR organizations. When you work with us, we typically save our clients as much as 40% on their HR software costs through our discount and pricing programs.

Innovo guided us in the deployment of an HR technology solution to integrate payroll, benefits, and HR administration tasks. This has increased efficiency in our HR department while simultaneously putting more control in the hands of employees. The result is a better experience for everyone.

Charis Pratt
Human Resources Director
Tepa, LLC

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