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April 25, 2018
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December 20, 2017
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Making the Most of HR Resources: The Secrets of a Success Story.

Let’s face it, many of today’s HR leaders are pulled in too many directions.

Does this sound familiar? In an increasingly complex healthcare market, your HR team has been tasked with addressing escalating costs, managing regulatory compliance filings, and leading benefits communications with employees – all while processing a seemingly endless stream of benefits paperwork associated with enrollment, additions, and terminations. These time-consuming administrative tasks have started to rule the day, leaving your team little room for other responsibilities and sapping them of vital energy to pursue longer term strategic opportunities.

Innovo has experienced great success helping clients overcome this common challenge.

Today we are excited to share the story of our work with Ellenhorn to illustrate the steps that all small and midsize companies can take to do more with their HR resources. Pairing our deep industry expertise with digital innovation and outsourcing services, Innovo helped the organization expand to a multi-state environment, achieve value-added benefits at a lower cost to employees, and shift to paperless HR systems. Efficiencies gained through new benefits management technology and outsourcing services gives the HR leader more opportunity to focus on higher-level HR strategies!

We invite you to learn more and apply these approaches to make the most of your own HR resources.