Changing Lives with Bridge Over Troubled Waters

December 9, 2019
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November 12, 2019
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January 9, 2020
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When launching Innovo Benefits Group in 2016, we had the opportunity to build an organization that could help our clients, employees and community in new and unique ways. We’ve been able to do that by putting our values first and adhering to a triple bottom line accounting framework where we balance financial responsibility with social and environmental aims. This approach led to our involvement with Bridge Over Troubled Waters, an innovative, local aid group that serves homeless, runaway and at-risk youth in our community.

Bridge began its important mission close to 50 years ago to make care accessible to homeless youth. More than a handout, Bridge focuses on helping youth develop skills to become self-sufficient and transform their lives for meaningful futures. They look for partners who share the goal of improving how people receive healthcare. This aligned perfectly with our vision for Innovo – improve how companies can keep their employees, and thereby their communities, healthy. 


Why We Fund the Bridge Mobile Medical Van

Something that drew us to Bridge was its unique focus on bringing healthcare to the youth, rather than youth having to seek out that care. The group accomplishes this through the Bridge Mobile Medical Van – a mobile medical unit bringing emergency and preventive healthcare to the streets. It’s operated by Bridge staff in partnership with medical professionals who volunteer their time. We’re proud to sponsor this resource, keeping it fully stocked with supplies as it travels the streets of Boston and Cambridge each weeknight. What seems like a simple idea today was revolutionary when the van began operating almost 5 decades ago. It’s since become a model for other programs across the nation.

By being involved with Bridge we’re able to engage with our community in ways that align with Innovo core values:

Trustworthiness: The mobile medical van serves community members without question or judgement. This allows youth who may harbor distrust for society to feel at ease, readily accepting treatment.

Knowledgeable: By working directly with youth on their terms, Bridge staffers understand and address their true needs. 

Dedicated: Working continually for decades, the group is committed to intercepting those at risk and helping them strive for long-term success.

Innovative: We’re focused on innovation – it’s the foundation of our name – which makes our partnership with Bridge ideal. They share our vision of finding new solutions to long-standing challenges.

Nimble: Just as we pride ourselves on adapting to clients’ evolving needs, the Bridge Mobile Medical Van continually changes how it serves youth, understanding current day challenges and offering realistic solutions.

We’re excited to partner with Innovo, an organization aligned with our mission of providing healthcare to others.

Melissa Z. Cording, Director of Development, Bridge Over Troubled Waters

More than Band-Aids

Through our partnership, we’ve come to understand why it’s critical for the Bridge Mobile Medical Van to be stocked with supplies. The youth they serve may be hesitant to seek out care in the first place. If they’re unable to get needed treatment, they’re less likely to return in the future. Not only are we able to help the van build trust, we’re able to help treat medical issues before they worsen. 



Receiving More than We Give

Through our partnership with Bridge, we have the opportunity to connect with our community in truly meaningful ways. We’re able to reach at-risk youth in their moments of need, tipping the scale to help them become more productive members of society. Understanding this role in our local and global community has been a central belief of ours, and one that we built our company on. Bridge allows us to walk the talk.


Connecting Digitally

We’re especially proud of the opportunity to fund development of the Bridge Over Troubled Waters mobile app. By helping get the app off the ground, we’re able to further the Bridge mission of reaching youth wherever they are on their journey. Participants can find details of Bridge programs, where to get a hot meal or a place to stay. With one tap, youth can connect with critical resources like the Bridge Mobile Medical Van and runaway program, help for victims of abuse, suicide prevention, as well as education and career development.

Each of us has a responsibility to support our community, to contribute to its wellbeing in whatever way we’re able.

Eric Gulko, President, Innovo Benefits Group

Getting Involved

We don’t believe it’s possible to separate our client commitment from our commitment to our community, and so we must work to bring better healthcare solutions to both. We encourage you to get involved with local community-focused groups, as well. You can learn more about the Bridge mission and how you can be part of it.

Learn More About Bridge