3 Quick Recruiting Tips for 2022

January 10, 2022
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December 22, 2021
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The new year brings new opportunities to attract and retain top performers. This is when employers can strategize about the most effective ways to tap into talent pipelines. In many cases, remote working arrangements have opened the door to a bigger pool of viable candidates- below you will find some tips on how to put your best foot forward when recruiting a remote candidate in a virtual world.

Allyson Hay, our Director of HR Services believes that tip # 3 is the most important. Here is why: “In this current recruitment climate, it is imperative employers are timely in responding to candidates. Delays can result in a loss of a candidate to another organization. Also, as mentioned below, communication throughout the recruitment process is key to hiring top candidates.”

1. Make Screening Straightforward

Many applicants don’t want to spend time on long application processes, especially if they’re applying to multiple businesses. Employers can help speed up initial screening by focusing solely on skill sets, not other resume aspects. Afterward, employers can go over other criteria with the screened employees without wasting time on candidates without the right skills.

2. Showcase the Organization

A virtual interview is a chance for an employer to show off their organization. Without remote employees coming into the workplace, this is an opportunity to show them around virtually. As such, employers can consider prerecording videos that include tours and staff testimonials. This will help give the candidate a better sense of the company and its culture.

3. Keep Candidate Informed

Transparency is key throughout the virtual recruitment experience. Candidates should know exactly what is expected of them and when they’ll be informed about the next steps in the process. Employers can do this by sending proactive and regular updates to the candidate. Doing so can also help keep the person engaged and mitigate the chances of them dropping out of the interview process.

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